Empower your Organization to Optimize your Value Stream


  • EmpowerStream offers Process and System Improvement services to general manufacturing, auto OEM, and the Tier 1 & 2 Supply base.
  • Our services focus on supporting your performance improvements, which by extension may involve your Suppliers or Customers.
  • We can help, whether in a preemptive or reactive mode. Reduced Customer issues, internal problem avoidance or internal countermeasures to reduce frequency and severity of possible processing failures can be the outcome of our help.
  • These initiatives have the potential to reduce your Cost of Poor Quality, improve your resource utilization and  make happier Customers.

EmpowerStream can help you

  • Improve Supplier Performance
  • Understand opportunities for Process and Systems Improvement
  • Determine process improvement training needs and implement a training strategy
  • Implement Lean/Kaizen and improve Your Value Stream
  • Support your Customer during Launch
  • Manage Customer-performance-related process improvement


Why you WIN With EmpowerStream

  • Reduce costs of Supplier/Customer Incidents
  • Improve Value Stream:
    1. Match output with demand
    2. Improve First-Time Yield
    3. Reduce Inventory Value
    4. Free up resources
  • Improve Cost of Quality
  • Process predictability
  • Improved Service
  • Reduce Customer issues