Empower your Organization to Optimize your Value Stream

EmpowerStream offers Process and System Improvement services to general manufacturing, the auto OEM, and Tier 1 & 2 Supply base. Our services focus on supporting your performance improvements, which by extension may involve your Suppliers or Customers.
We can help, whether in a preemptive or reactive mode. Reduced Customer issues, internal problem avoidance or internal countermeasures to reduce frequency and severity of possible processing failures can be the outcome of our help.
These initiatives have the potential to reduce your Cost of Poor Quality, improve your resource utilization and  make happier Customers.

EmpowerStream can help you


  • Improve Supplier Performance
  • Understand opportunities for Process and Systems Improvement
  • Determine process improvement training needs and implement a training strategy
  • Implement Lean/Kaizen and improve Your Value Stream
  • Support your Customer during Launch
  • Manage Customer-performance-related process improvement

Why you WIN With EmpowerStream :

  • Reduce costs of Supplier/Customer Incidents
  • Improve Value Stream:
    1. Match output with demand
    2. Improve First-Time Yield
    3. Reduce Inventory Value
    4. Free up resources
  • Improved Cost of Quality
  • Process predictability
  • Improved Service
  • Reduce Customer issues