About Us

Our experience is in automotive parts manufacturing, with focus on Supplier and Process evaluation and performance improvement.

We can offer a fresh-eyes approach to any processing; our strength lies in our knowledge of stamping, and metal joining, as well as painting and plating.  "Stupid" questions often result in suprisingly fresh and innovative ideas from your team.

Management systems analysis, continuous Improvement initiatives and training are the framework for understanding, and improving client performance.

EmpowerStream Principal :  

Our Principal Consultant is Rick Beck, a seasoned specialist in the Automotive Supplier community. Been there, done that....

Rick has a Mechanical Technology Diploma and has specialized in metals & joining, associated coating processes, plastics, mechanisms and has exposure to many other processing technologies.

He has significant 6 Sigma experience, with related quality improvement and cost reduction success.

He is a RAB certified Internal Lead Auditor for TS/IATF automotive standards

Rick has general management ops experience in metals and machining, so he has lived the bad and good on the way to optimized performance. Hands-on floor management is his methodology to keep a pulse on what's going on...good or bad.

Rick has worked with tier 1 and 2 auto suppliers, and a custom rubber auto and industrial supplier


Improvement does not happen without buy-in and involvement of the clients team. We work with the team both on assessment and improvement strategies for development of client systems and processes.


         Phone: 289-675-5157  rick.beck@empowerstream.ca